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Jacky Robert

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Jacky Robert is a well known French born American food professional. He is known to have created and popularized fusion cuisine in the United States of America. After trying his hand at haute cuisine, Jacky Robert opened his own restaurant, Petit Robert Bistro at Kenmore Square in 2005.

He now has two more Petit Robert Bistros along with Jacky’s Table, an eatery serving affordable food in a casual environment. The bistros have become popular due to the availability of French comfort food.

Professional Life Of Chef Jacky Robert

Jacky Robert started learning cooking at an early age of 15. He was initially based in Normandy but moved to Paris later on, working at various three star Michelin establishments. He relocated to the United States of America in 1970 and continued with his career of a food professional.

His last job was as a culinary director of the Chatham Bars Inn before he founded his own restaurants and took over as the chef and co owner of the Petit Robert Bistros.

Achievements Of Chef Jacky Robert

  • Was included in the North American Maîtres Cuisiniers de France or the Master Chefs of France in 2007.

  • Received the Wine Spectator Grand award in 1989.

  • Served as the President of Club Culinaire Français de Californie or the French Culinary Club of California.

Shows And Events Of Jacky Robert

  • Appeared in the television show, Great Chefs of San Francisco

  • Appeared in another PBS aired TV show with Chef Martin Yan.

  • Featured on ‘The Dish with Frances Rivera’ and ‘Educating Jenny’.


  • The comfort food at the Petit Robert Bistros are believed to be better than the authentic food in France.