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Indiana food is famous for its bakery products such as fried biscuits and cookies with apple sauce primarily produced in the local high-yielding Indiana firms, known for its high quality popcorn and corn. The region is rightly called the bread-basket of America due to its excellent produce of grains, mainly wheat, corns and soybeans. Indiana is popular far and wide for its original sugar cream pie, popularized by Amish community which is considered to be a traditional food of the region. The region is also known as ‘American Dairy land’ and its fresh dairy products are produced in the great number of dairies dotting the region, with cheese being the main product. Indiana State food is pork tenderloin sandwich while beef and noodles is another popular dish from the region.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Cuisine of Indiana

Indiana food is heavily influenced by the immigrants who visited the region from the northern European regions, northern Midwestern region. The other immigrant groups who moved into the region popularized foods like Swedish pancakes and Polish pierogi. Pork sausages and potatoes are predominantly used in the local cuisine bought into the region by the German immigrants.

Cooking Methods Adopted by Indiana Cuisine

Cooks normally prepare food with compulsory use of seasonings in the form of hot, bold and very spicy flavors such as parsley, mustard and dill and cooking for a prolonged period over medium heat making the food of this region unique in taste and flavors.

Indiana Recipes Popular in Foreign Culture

· Cheese sauce– This is a smooth, rich and deliciously flavored Indiana food prepared with shredded or diced cheese through slow heating to get a smooth texture. Wine and lemon juice is often added to prevent the sauce from getting stringent.

· Slow cooker Indiana chicken – A chicken dish prepared in a traditional hunter style method of cooking, with fresh onions and mushrooms served with angel hair pasta.

Traditional Recipes from Indiana Cuisine

· Onion Pie– This is a famous traditional Indiana food, also known as Southern delicacy brought into the region by the Eastern European immigrants who traveled into the region. The pie crust is filled with bacons, eggs, cheese, cream, sweet onions and butter.

· Corn dog– This is another internationally renowned Indiana food, which is a hot dog eaten by dipping it in a cornbread like batter and then deep frying. This is served with mustard and catsup often eaten by poking a hole in the top part and then slowly squeezing the mustard and catsup between the crust and the hot dog.

Major Everyday Indiana Recipes

Everyday Indiana dishes are prepared with locally grown fruits and vegetables such as baked and mashed potatoes served with cream cheese sauce, roasted vegetables in mustard, baby corns dipped in white sauce, turkey served with wild rice and cranberry sauce, apple pie, breads, cookies and herb-tinted lemon chicken.

Modern Foods from Cuisine of Indiana

Modern day Indiana food is all about beef and pork dishes which are highly flavored through use of spices and herbs grown locally and cooked over medium food, making the meat exotically flavored, soft, delicious and enjoyed with sweet tea and wine.