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Houston Bread

Houston bread is a term related to the varieties of breads eaten in the largest city of Texas. From the conventional white bread, to the Mexican specialty pan dulce and the Panera bread, there are innumerable varieties of bread sold in the city which has a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. Most of the bakeries in and around the city also offer a selection of French breads along with several artisan breads.

The Texas toast is particularly popular in Houston although it is not toasted as the name indicates. It is sold in pre-packaged slices and is considered to be ideal for bread based recipes such as the French toast. The sweet Mexican pan dulce is also popular as a breakfast food. Corn breads and an assortment of French breads are also available at various outlets and bakery classes held at different locations have gained wide spread popularity in the city.

A range of healthy, multi grain breads have become available in Houston of late. Kosher establishments also store Challah, prepared according to Jewish dietary regulations. Panera Breads is one of the leading brands of bread in Houston.

Ingredients and Preparation Overview of the Houston Bread Recipe

The majority of the residents of Houston prefer whole wheat, white bread for every day consumption. The ingredients needed to bake the bread include all-purpose flour as well as whole wheat flour in equal measures along with cornstarch and yeast. Honey and skimmed milk are usually added to the dough to impart a sweetish taste to the newly baked Houston bread. While it is customary to use butter or margarine for baking, the low fat variety contains vegetable oil. The dough is allowed to rise and then fashioned into loaves before being baked at 375 degrees for about half an hour or until the crust turns brown in color.

Houston Bread Recipe Variations

  • Old Fashioned White Bread- A traditional American bread baked with white flour, water, yeast and salt.
  • Texas Herb Bread- A bread baked with rye, dill, onions, and garlic with a topping of sesame and poppy seeds.
  • Pan Dulce- A sweet bread that contains sugar and is available in multiple colors due to the presence of food coloring.
  • Texas Toast- A thick bread that is made in a pan instead of the conventional oven. It is baked in a frying pan containing the residual fat after frying meat or bacon.


The leading Houston bread producer, Panera Breads, offers online catering at its Bakery Café outlets.