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Hollywood food, which is exotic, interesting and elegant, refers to the food of world famous city Hollywood, where the city is immensely popular for American cinema. Great level of care is taken towards the presentation of food in Hollywood, where style of presenting the food and way of garnishing the food are taken utmost care of.

Due to being an extremely happening place, eating outlets in Hollywood are open late night, which offer various kinds of diverse dishes pertaining to several cuisines, like Brazilian, Mexican, American, Japanese etc.

Popular Foods of Hollywood Cuisine

Fast food items like burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches are largely popular in the city as the In-N-Out forms of Hollywood food which can be consumed any time while being on the move in the fast and busy life of Hollywood city.

·Black eyed peas and meat (especially red meat) are largely liked by the people, which have an influence from Deep South.

·Seafood and fish based dishes are in surplus in the city due to the influence of New England’s cuisine.

·Bars of various kinds like lemon bar, peanut butter bar and chocolate chip bar are quite popular in Hollywood city.

·Steaks and barbeque styled dishes are the major attractions of the city.

·Yorkshire pudding and roast beef, a specialty of English cuisine, is also popular in Hollywood.

·Corned beef and cabbage is an much liked Hollywood food item

·Italian pastas and macaroni are also some of the most liked dishes in Hollywood.

·Hollywood cuisine seems to be incomplete without Swedish meatballs, which are the specialties of various eating outlets in the city.

Famous Places for Food in Hollywood

Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine

This restaurant is situated in West Hollywood and offers various kinds of top class Brazilian dishes. This restaurant is considered to be the favorite place for boys who go there to enjoy the tangy and delicious Caipirinha, which is one of the classic drinks of Brazilian cuisine made up of cachaca rum, sugar and lime, where the drinks is regarded as to be a refreshing and light complement to almost all kinds of meals. The food at this restaurant is also quite innovative where Brazilian spices and herbs help in enhancing the flavor of various dishes like salads, sandwiches and pastas.

Palms Thai

This restaurant of Hollywood city offers kid friendly and vegan friendly foods, where the food is highly delicious and exciting, with a number of variations in terms of soups, salads, side dishes and main course meals.

Katsuya Hollywood

This outlet in Hollywood city is famous for its Japanese dishes, with dynamite lobster being highly popular Hollywood food item on the menu. Also, the restaurant is famed for its sushi dishes where celebrity chef Katsuya Uechi comes up with appealing sushi dishes with the use of freshest ingredients.