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Emeril Lagasse

Emeril John Lagasse, better known as Emeril Lagasse, is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author. The light and jovial method of presenting the programme “Emerald Live” on Food Network has made it the highest rated programme. “Emeril's Restaurant", in New Orleans brought Chef Emeril Lagasse the much needed recognition in culinary world. No looking back Esquire magazine denoted his restaurant as “Restaurant of the year” in 1990.

Emeril Lagasse Professional Life

Especially liking Portuguese food which came from his mother, his penchant for food landed him to learn culinary arts program from Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School. To get international taste Emeril Lagasse went in Paris and Lyon, France. He came back to US gaining a degree from Johnson & Wales University. Emeril Lagasse started working in many restaurants in North-East. Emeril Lagasse decided to open his own restaurant in 1990. Now with series of restaurants and cookbooks, Chef Emeril Lagasse is the most recognized chef in US.

Noteworthy Works of the Chef Emeril Lagasse

Chef Emeril Lagasse makes maverick activities for human taste buds. To improve the quality of food, NASA selected his cuisine specially prepared for astronauts. Emeril Lagasse recipes takecare of flavors and spices in zero gravity condition.

Emeril Lagasse Achievements

Without winning any, Chef Emeril Lagasse has been nominated eight times for Daytime Emmy Award for his Food Network programmes.

Emeril Lagasse programme “Emeril Live” won a CableACE Award for "Best Informational Show" in 1997.

Emeril Lagasse Food Inventions

Asian, Portuguese, and Southwestern foods are influenced with Creole food making his own variety.

Emeril Lagasse Popular Media Shows

Cooking in notable styles using “Bam”, “Kick it up a notch”,"aw, yeah, babe", “Pork fat rules” and "feel the love," makes viewers get connected to the programme.

  • Emeril Live– Formerly aired by Food Network, it is now a part of “The Cooking Channel”. Taped in front of live audience, the programme is based on Creole theme. Making live interaction, many times he calls somebody from the audience to taste the food.

  • Essence of Emeril– Part of Food Network, Emeril Lagasse explains about each ingredients in the recipes prepared.

  • Emeril Green– Part of Discovery Channel, Emeril Lagasse describes how to conserve nature.

  • The Emeril Lagasse Show– Each Sunday, Chef Emeril Lagasse, on Ion Television hosts the show.

Some of the other programmes where he appeared briefly are “From Emeril's Kitchen”, “Iron Chef America”.

Emeril Lagasse Restaurants

Proprietor of thirteen restaurants across US, Chef Emeril Lagasse is primarily based in Louisiana. Emeril Lagasse recipes adopt Creole and Cajun cooking styles.

Florida- Emeril's Orlando, Emeril's Tchoup Chop, Emeril's Miami Beach

Louisiana- New Orleans, Emeril's New Orleans, NOLA Restaurant, Emeril's Delmonico

Nevada- Las Vegas, Emeril's at MGM Grand, Delmonico at The Venetian, Table 10 at The Palazzo, , Lagasse's Stadium at The Palazzo

Pennsylvania– Bethlehem, Emeril's Chop House at the Sands Casino Resort, BAM (Burgers and More) at the Sands Casino Resort

Emeril Lagasse Cookbooks

Published from 1993, Emeril Lagasse recipes are compiled in series of cookbooks.

Published in 1993 - Emeril's New New Orleans Cooking

Published in 1996 - Louisiana Real and Rustic

Published in 1997 - Emeril’s Creole Christmas

Published in 1998 - Emeril’s TV Dinners

Published in 1999 - Every Day’s a Party

Published in 2002 - Emeril's There's a Chef in My Soup: Recipes for the Kid in Everyone

Published in 2003 - From Emeril's Kitchens: Favorite Recipes from Emeril's Restaurants

Published in 2004 - Emeril's Potluck: Comfort Food with a Kicked-Up Attitude

Published in 2005 - Emeril's Delmonico: A Restaurant with a Past

Published in 2009 - Emeril at the Grill: A Grilling Book for all Seasons

Published in 2009 - Emeril 20-40-60: Fresh Food Fast

Published in 2010 - Farm to Fork Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh

Emeril Lagasse: Trivia

To raise awareness about the BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico in 2010, Chef Emeril Lagasse appeared in a commercial.