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Durham food, considered to be vegetarian in nature, is food of the people of Durham, a city located in Northeast England. It has various top class restaurants specializing in various kinds of foods, Durham is highly popular for its vegetarian food owing to various kinds of health benefits associated with such foods, thus providing high nutritional content to the body.

Commonly used Ingredients of Durham Cuisine

Due to the huge awareness of the benefits of good health among the people of Durham, utmost care is taken to make use of high quality and healthy ingredients in the food preparation. For dressing, seasoning and frying of Durham Food, the oils that are used consist of only corn oil and olive oil, as these two oils are considered to be highly healthy not only for the heart, but also for the entire body.

Popular Durham Foods

• Preservative free whole-wheat-bread is immensely popular in Durham

• The city is also famous for its white-bean soup, which is completely vegetarian.

• Burgers prepared with fillets of salmon are also popular in some regions of Durham.

• Sandwiches and salads featuring fish as the main ingredients are quite popular in the city.

• Oatmeal raisin, green beans, mustard greens, cheese and macaroni are a few other types of Durham food products famous in the city.

Places Famous for Food in Durham

Restaurant “The Durham”, is one of the most popular restaurants of the city opened in 2007 end, which is run by Marti Collins and Juan Delarosa, where both of them are planning to expand the restaurant into a dine-in-café. The restaurant offers best vegetarian dishes where both the owners work hard to maintain the quality of Durham food. Breads and healthy cookies are the prime specialties of the restaurant which are taken care of by Collins. Juan carries out the tasks of frying and is responsible for preparing Supreme Bread, where the bread is then sliced into small slabs of toast size. The quality of the vegetarian foods is maintained in this restaurant where refined sugars are avoided in the preparation method and use of healthy soy products and unsaturated fats is made in the preparation process.

Health Benefits of Durham foods

The people of Durham focus towards eating healthy vegetarian foods consisting of good fats, right amount of calories and good carbs. Greater emphasis is given on the consumption of vegetarian Durham food products as such foods are the base for long and healthy life.