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Dallas food is characterised by the influence of Tex-Mex cuisine, authentic Mexican cuisine and barbeque cooking.

Cooking Methods adopted in Dallas Cuisine

The methods adopted in preparation of Dallas cooking are highly influenced by various kinds of cultures prevailing in the city of Dallas, U.S. Thus, the methods of preparation of food in the city vary in terms of Italian techniques, French techniques, Mexican techniques, Chinese techniques, and regional American cooking styles.

Food in Dallas – Specialties

Among various kinds of diverse foods available in the city of Dallas, some of them are the most popular, which have been listed here -

  • Steak – This is a cut of beef, which is a flavorful and tender meat based dish, prepared by grilling method.

  • Peanut Butter Patty - this Dallas food is one of the healthy vegetarian high protein and low calorie breakfast item popular among health conscious Dallas people, which is prepared through oats, agave nectar and eggs.

  • Fruit yogurt bowl- this is a healthy and filling item where fresh and seasonal fruits are mixed with yogurt, and served along with agave nectar and berries.

  • Seafood- seafood dishes are highly popular in Dallas and are available in various restaurants in the city. There are several restaurants in the city which are famous for its fresh fish and seafood.

Places Famous for Food in Dallas

There are several well known restaurants in Dallas which are famous for their exclusive and interesting food. A few of the award winning and well known restaurants serving good quality Dallas Food are given here.

  • Chili's and Romano's Macaroni Grill restaurant in Dallas, which has a chain of restaurants, is quite famous for its various kinds of foods pertaining to Italian Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Ritz-Carlton hotel’s Fearing's restaurant, which is located in upscale Dallas, is also popular for its good quality Dallas food, and was honored as the best restaurant of US by “Zagat Survey”, in the year 2009.

  • Dallas is also famous for its steakhouses, where high quality steaks are available. Bob's Steak & Chop House is one of the highly ranked steakhouses in the city which has earned number one position as per the chart of USDA Prime Steakhouses.

  • Texas Caribbean Food is one of famous outlets in Dallas which is popular for its Caribbean cuisine, where the restaurant aims at offering fresh seafood to its guests. A Caribbean food lover can enjoy authentic and quality Caribbean food, where one of the most popularly served foods at this restaurant includes Whole, Smoked Jerk Turkey.

  • My Fit Foods Dallas is one of the most popular eating outlets in the city, which is quite famous for its unprocessed and gluten free vegetarian Dallas food.