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Connecticut food is basically characterized by widespread use of dairy products and seafood, as a result of historical dependence of New England, the US region where Connecticut is located, upon fishing industry, seaports, and dairy farming.

In New Haven region of Connecticut State, Italian cuisine plays a dominant role, while southeastern region of Connecticut is famous for seafood dishes. In extreme interiors of the state, Irish American cuisine is widely spread. Further, hasty pudding (pudding prepared of grains and water or milk) is a popular Connecticut food, which is served largely in rural areas of the state, especially during thanksgiving ceremonies.

Few Popular Connecticut Recipes

The cuisine of Connecticut is highly known for the following food items

  • Apizza -New haven style pizza, with white clam pie version being the most popular

  • Shad & shadbakes - Alosa type of fish and related dishes

  • Hamburgers- sandwiches containing cooked ground meat based patty

  • Grinders - sandwiches consisting of oblong roll made of French or Italian bread.

Popular Foods from Connecticut Cuisine

  • Seafood- seafood dishes of lobster, scallops, clams, salmon, trout, and cod are very popular in the state.

  • Pastas- pasta based dishes are immensely liked by the people of Connecticut and America, with American Chop Suey being the most popular among all pasta dishes which is made of beef and macaroni.

  • Baked beans- this refers to beans cooked usually by stewing method, instead of baking method as the term implies.

  • Chowders- these refer to fish or vegetables based stews with corn chowder, fish chowder, and clam chowder being the most popular Connecticut fooditems.

Famous Places for Connecticut Cuisine Foods

  • Saybrook Fish House-this eating outlet in Connecticut offers healthy and fresh seafood in a highly casual and relaxed dining environment, where there is availability of a perfect drink for each and every dish.

  • II Falco Ristorante– in this Connecticut restaurant, veal, seasonal seafood, and pastas are the main delights.

  • Stonewell Restaurant- the Connecticut food served at this restaurant is believed to be highly delicious, where the food is always made fresh, which is immensely enjoyed by the people in the fun and relaxed environment created at the restaurant. The major food delights of the restaurant include American food, seafood, pasta dishes, and steak. Also, the restaurant offers a few specialties especially for children, under the head “children’s menu”.