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Coleslaw is a traditional salad that consists of shredded cabbage and even shredded carrot may be added in it. In some American places, it is generally called slaw. The Dutch emigrants bought the coleslaw recipe to the U.S. The most important ingredient of this salad is cabbage that has been brought from Europe. As mayonnaise came into use, coleslaw salad became popular. It is a delicious and mouthwatering salad, which is consumed by people all over the globe. It is apparent from its green color, which is due to the presence of cabbage, which makes this dish a healthy salad. Its appearance and texture is crispy. Coleslaw maybe served as side dishes of barbecue. This recipe is one of the famous salads of the world. Generally, coleslaw is not made with using mayonnaise but now a day it is used in this dish. In Carolina barbecue sandwiches, shredded cabbage maybe used as a topping to this dish. From here, it maybe said that coleslaw is the best salad found in America.


The coleslaw recipe is easy to make but then also people prefer buying the prepared one from the stores. If it is bought from stores then the salad can be runny and will lack the original essence. If it is prepared at, home then the slaw maybe nice and fresh. Coleslaw is also known as a cabbage salad. Cabbage should be low in water so that the salad is not messy. However, if the cabbage is grinded in a processor then its texture will be wet. It should not be chopped very finely. For avoiding this, it should be chopped with a sharp knife and should have a rough texture so that a little water content should be present in the vegetable. Coleslaw may not be mixed into soups. In coleslaw recipe, dry vegetables may be added. Some wet vegetables are to be avoided such as tomato, avocados and citrus fruits. Enough dressing maybe used but in moderation. In dressing of the salad, mayonnaise, vinegar, fruit juices and oils maybe used. The last step is to season the coleslaw recipe by using black pepper, salt, spices and some herbs. For preparing the salad, firstly, the cabbage is chopped and some vegetables are even chopped and added if wanted. Then the dressing maybe done and at the end the mixture is mixed. Coleslaw should not just have the taste of cabbage. Even other flavors are added so that to change the blank tastes of it. For flavoring caraway seeds, red chilly flakes, sesame seeds, garlic, dill, parsley, fennel, oregano and basil are added. Then the coleslaw recipe should be mixed thoroughly. The salad’s flavor comes best when it is preserved in the refrigerator for 2 – 3 hours.


The basic ingredients of coleslaw recipe maybe shredded cabbage, shredded carrot, mayonnaise, vinegar, vegetable oil, sugar, celery salt and salt to taste. For preparing it, the cabbage maybe tossed in a large bowl and even the carrots maybe tossed. The remaining ingredients maybe whisked together in a bowl. Then some seasoning maybe added like oregano, thymes, parsley, red pepper flakes, garlic, etc and maybe mixed thoroughly. The mixture maybe poured over the cabbage and carrots and tossed to coat thoroughly. Coleslaw maybe put in refrigerator for about 1 or 2 hours before serving the salad. Then the salad is ready to eat.


There are many varieties of coleslaw like creamy tangy, sweet and tangy, creamy, Carolina slaw with vinegar dressing, tangy for pork barbeque, old fashioned sweet-sour with cabbage, sugar vinegar, salt and whipped cream, cabbage and apple, grated veggies and seasoning, only apple, mayonnaise and sour cream, peanuts, boiled dressing, mayonnaise and cabbage together, raisins, red cabbage, Kohlrabi slaw, lemon juice and vinegar, Arkansas, hot vinegar dressing and freezer coleslaw.


In coleslaw, mayonnaise maybe added for improving and enriching the flavor. Many regional variations exist. In the United States, the variations maybe used in this salad are buttermilk, carrot, mayonnaise and for flavoring mustard or vinegar maybe used. In coleslaw recipe, red cabbage may be used instead of cabbage. Pepper, onion, grated cheese, pineapple or apple maybe added to the salad. In England, people love cheese savory. This salad includes cheese, onion and cream instead mayonnaise. Coleslaw maybe served as itself or acts as an ingredient in sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, barbecue sandwich. In North Carolina, Barbecue slaw is known as Red Slaw, which is made by using ketchup and vinegar. Another variant of coleslaw recipe is broccoli slaw, which is made with raw broccoli instead of cabbage. In chopping the cabbage or dry vegetables, some variations maybe used in terms of shapes and size like the one it maybe minced into pieces, shredded into strips or into small squares. Coleslaw maybe served as a side dish with barbecues, French fries and fried chickens. There maybe variations in seasonings like celery seeds maybe added to the salad. In Sweden, coleslaw is often served with pizza, which is made by using dressings like vinegar and oil. In Reuben’s sandwich, coleslaw is added with minced meat. Before serving the salad maybe kept aside so that the dressings and the ingredients settles evenly.


Coleslaw recipe maybe served cold generally but dressing can be hot. It should be consumed only after freezing for a minimum of 2 or 3 hours to enhance its taste and flavors. It can be served with mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese, etc. It can be served as a side dish with foods like hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc. It maybe served with French fries, fried chicken and barbecues.


It has many nutrients such as, vitamins, minerals, proteins, roughage, water, carbohydrates and fats. The presence of roughage helps in the smooth movement of bowels. The nutrient present in this particular recipe is efficiently assimilated in the body. It is a high source of energy. Due to the high content of water in coleslaw recipe, dehydration is prevented.