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Chris Cosentino

Chris Cosentino, an American chef and offal cookery specialist, is known for his noteworthy contribution to the offal haute cuisine. Incanto, the San Francisco restaurant where he works as Executive chef is well-known for its very interesting offal menu. Many items which might at times seem to be against the liking of the human palate are presented in an unbelievably delicious form. Lamb neck, Venison Kidney or Panna Cotta with chocolate blood are items that one might find on the menu of the restaurant. Chris Cosentino is not only a maker of good offal food, but also a writer on the same. He wrote a cookery book on the subject. Apart from that he also maintains a personal website on offal cookery called Offal Good. He made appearances in Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America.

Professional Life of Chef Chris Cosentino

A Johnson and Wales University graduate( 1994), Chris Cosentino, who grew up in Italian American ambience, did not like offal food as a child, especially his grandmother’s tripe preparation. According to him, people would not like to go for offal food in the first place, but it is only when one tries meat that is different from animal muscle will people come to know about it. Chris Cosentino started his professional career at Washington DC where he worked for Mark Miller’s Red Sage and Kinkead’s. Later Rubicon, Coach House, Chez Panisse and Belon were restaurants in San Fransico where he worked. Still later when offering consultancy services to the Aqua group of restaurants, he started a number of restaurants, one of the most popular of which is the MGM Grand Nobhill, Las Vegas. He joined Incanto in 2002, and improved the quality of food served there. Most importantly, he introduced people to offal cuisine there. The menu of the restaurant was popularly called the Head-To- Tail Menu.

Noteworthy Contributions of Chef Chris Cosentino

Chris Cosentino contributed to the popularity of offal food and eco consciousness. The preparation of delicious food items for human consumption from meat that people would usually discard or feed to animals, and making them acceptable to people is a feat that few can achieve and Cosentino is credited with that. His popular offal dishes include Boccalone( a delicious salty sausage made with pig offal), charcuterie products, terrine( a type of French meatloaf) made of sweetbread, mortadella( hashed and cured pork sausage) amongst other dishes.