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Chocolate With Jacques Torres

Chocolate With Jacques Torres is a specialty show based on chocolate making that has been aired on Food Network. The famous pastry chef and chocolate lover, Jacques Torres showcased his chocolate making skills on the show. Some unique recipes were demonstrated on the show including edible art forms made with various kinds of chocolate. Sculptures and extravagant desserts which made use of chocolates as the primary ingredient were prepared on the show as well. The chef provided helpful tips and revealed techniques on the sets which made it easier for the viewers to prepare the exotic dessert items at home.

The show is not presently being aired on the network. No reruns have been planned to date either.

Origin of Chocolate With Jacques Torres Show

The show debuted on Food Network in 2002 and continued to run for 26 episodes after which it was taken off air. The very first episode of the show had Torres discussing chocolate art where he displayed the ways to create a canvas with white chocolate, a chocolate frame as well as a palette.

Format of Chocolate With Jacques Torres

A single man show, focuses on the basics of chocolate recipes. The host has an easy and friendly demeanor which helps the viewers to concentrate on the art of making chocolate based food. The proper kind of utensils as well as the exact moment of change indicated by color or consistency are the points emphasized by the host and presenter of Chocolate With Jacques Torres. Combinations of easy and difficult recipes also keep the interest of the viewers alive. The trick of turning a mass of melted chocolate into a castle seems to be magical to the viewers who also look forward to making it at home once they get to master the techniques taught by Torres on the show.

Noteworthy Episodes of Chocolate With Jacques Torres Show

Some of the most noteworthy episodes have been:-

  • Chocolate Halloween- Torres creates a haunted castle with chocolates and adds a few chocolate lollipops for the effect as well.
  • Foreign Exchange- A host of gifts made of chocolates are demonstrated in this episode.
  • Hold Everything- A host of chocolate containers including champagne bottles are fashioned from chocolates.

Chocolate with Jacques Torres: Trivia

A part of Chocolate With Jacques Torres was filmed in the Provence region of France, the home of Jacques Torres.