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Cherokee food refers to the food that is eaten by the Cherokee people. The main food of the people living in Cherokee nation comprises of beans, corns and squash. Some of the Cherokee people also eat plenty of meat products, which include rabbits, dear, turtles and fish.

Popular Cherokee Recipes
Some of the popular Cherokee recipes include the following:

  • Corn Cherokee - A very popular Cherokee food is made with the help of corns which is available in plenty of quantity in the fields. The corn is made into flat bread like tortilla and taco.
  • Beans Cherokee Another loved Cherokee food is made of beans available in the fields. The beans are made into stews and soups and liked a lot by Cherokee people.
  • Sweet Potato Cherokee - Sweet potatoes are also loved by Cherokee people.

Traditional Cherokee Food
Cherokees were farmers and hunters. Men were responsible for hunting and fishing. Also, they used to clear the fields and prepare them for plantation. Women were mostly responsible for farming. They used to stay away from hunting. In traditional times, Cherokee food consisted of wild meat (white tailed deer and wild hogs), bean and corn bread, dried fruits, pumpkins and nuts. All these food items were ground in the form of flour and were used in various Cherokee recipes. Other Cherokee crops grown in the fields included sunflowers, peaches, sweet potatoes, and watermelons. In summers, one of the popular Cherokee recipes contained fish as an essential ingredient. Good number of fish were collected and barbequed for having a grand feast.

Popular Cherokee Foods
A few popular Cherokee foods are given below:

  • Cherokee Bean Bread : The ingredients used to make this kind of Cherokee food include cooked pinto beans, liquid from beans, baking powder, cornmeal, eggs, salt, and milk. A large bowl is taken and all the ingredients are mixed properly. The mix is then placed in a greased pan and baked at 450 degrees. The pan is taken out of the oven after around twenty minutes. Yummy Cherokee food item is ready to be eaten.
  • Cherokee Casserole : Ground beef, chopped onions, rice, corn, tomato soup, water, cheese, salt, pepper, and oregano are the ingredients that are required to prepare this popular Cherokee food. Onions and meat are put in a frying pan and cooked. All other ingredients, apart from cheese, are put in the frying pan after the meat is cooked. The mixture is stirred well. It is allowed to stay on low flame for around five minutes. Thereafter, cheese is put on the prepared dish as the topping and cooked until the cheese melts. Delicious Cherokee casserole can be consumed now.