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Carolina Pulled Pork

Carolina pulled pork is quite popular not only throughout Carolina but outside the state too. Pulled pork is one of the original and purist forms of barbecue. This southern tradition of preparing pulled pork used to be made initially in a completely different manner. A hog was cooked for days in pits and the meat was shredded with hand and served with bread. Today, times have changed and there are a different types of ways in which Carolina pulled pork recipes are prepared. The South Carolina pulled pork recipe is quite distinctive and different from the North Carolina pulled pork recipes. Some of the common dishes prepared with Carolina pulled pork include sandwiches, burgers, pulled pork crockpot recipes, casseroles, pulled pork slaw, pulled pork sauces, etc. Today in most cases, Carolina pulled pork recipes are prepared from pork shoulder roasts, which is also known as a Boston Butt. Irrespective of whichever manner Carolina pulled pork is prepared, it does make for a great meal anytime of the year.