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Cajun Potato

Cajun potato refers to potato that has been flavored with Cajun seasoning. Such potatoes taste delicious and can be accompanied with a number of dishes. The spices such as pepper, onion, garlic, paprika, chili and cayenne are mostly used to prepare Cajun seasoning and the blend of these spices helps in adding flavor to white or red potatoes and also to many other potato dishes.

Commonly Used Ingredients Preparation Overview of Cajun Potato Dish

Cajun potato recipe is less time taking and easy to follow. The major ingredients which are required to make Cajun Potatoes are cayenne chili powder, thyme, ground black pepper, cloves of garlic, olive oil and potatoes. To make the potatoes in Cajun style, first, they are washed thoroughly and then chopped into quarter pieces. Cajun seasoning is prepared by mixing the spices. The chopped potatoes are boiled in water until tender, and once done, they are coated with olive oil. The spice mixture is sprinkled on the potatoes and the spiced potatoes are then baked. Cajun potatoes are served warm along with dips.

Popular Cajun Potato Recipes

  • Cajun potato salad- Cajun potato salad is a perfect treat for parties and dinners. It is usually made by adding a variety of vegetables, hard boiled eggs and Cajun potatoes. The dish is usually served with Cajun specialty, Gumbo.
  • Creamy Cajun potato soup with sausage- It is a delicious and rich soup made by using Cajun potato and fiery Andouille sausage. The soup tastes best when served with fresh garlic bread.
  • Low-fat Cajun potato wedges- Mostly relished as side dish, the thin strips of potatoes are flavored with Cajun seasoning and served along with hot and cold beverages.
  • Cajun fried buttermilk mashed potato patties- It is one of the easiest Cajun potato recipes which make use of mashed potato mixed well with chopped green onion and Cajun seasoning. The patties are fried in hot oil and served in breakfast with bacon and eggs.