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Brunswick Stew

Brunswick stew is a South Eastern United States tomato-based stew resembling a thick vegetable soup with meat. A traditional dish of the region, the Brunswick stew is essentially made up of beans, vegetables and meat.

Ingredients of Brunswick Stew

The authentic version of the Brunswick stew consists of lima beans /butter beans along with vegetables such as okra and corn in combination with meat which may be of more than one type. The conventional dish calls for squirrel or rabbit meat, but its not rare to find pork, chicken and beef. Though a traditional stew, the Brunswick stew does not have any officially prescribed list of ingredients. Brunswick Stew recipes are made in different regions with different ingredients included in the basic stew. The Virginians prefer to include chicken as the primary meat along with rabbit, while the Georgians love their stew with pork or beef along with squirrel meat.

Brunswick Stew V/s Vegetable Soup With Meat

The Brunswick stew can be mistaken for a thick vegetable soup with meat, but the basic difference is that the stew is of a thicker consistency than the soup with a larger proportion of solid meat and vegetables, than gravy.

Popular Brunswick Stew Recipes

Burgoo is a popular type of Brunswick stew from the Kentucky cuisine. It is sold commercially for raising funds for churches in the South Eastern regions. Bost Distributing Company’s Mrs. Fearnow’s is a well-known brand of canned Brunswick stew.

Brunswick Stew With Chicken and Ham, Crockpot Brunswick Stew, Brunswick Stew With Cornmeal Dumplings, and Brunswick-style Chicken and Biscuit Casserole are some popular recipes made with the Brunswick Stew.

Disputes of Origin of Brunswick Stew

The exact region of invention of the Brunswick stew is still being debated. It is still a riddle whether the dish was created in Brunswick, Georgia or Brunswick County, in Southern Virginia.