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Bronwen Weber

Bronwen Weber is a famous pastry chef and cake decorator from Dallas in Texas. She is also well known for her appearances in The Food Network for cake making challenges. She has worked with leading American bakeries and has won the grand prize for her wedding cake at the Okalahoma State Sugar Art Show. She is currently Executive Chef of Frosted Art Bakery at Dallas, Texas, where she utilizes her skills for new product lines of specialty cakes and wedding cakes. She also gives training sessions on cake decoration nationally as well as internationally.

Professional Life of Chef Bronwen Weber

Bronwen Weber, born in Alberta, Canada, started her career at the young age of 14 years, when she started working in a small bakery in Ontario. She later moved to Texas, and worked with many reputed bakeries here, and soon became a well known name in cake decoration. Bronwen Weber moved up her career ladder from production to management, and later as a trainer for cake decoration and bakery management.

Bronwen Weber worked as Pastry Chef Instructor in Texas Culinary Academy. She taught cake decoration and candy and chocolate arts to the students of Le Cordon Bleu School. She is still teaching at various national and international culinary institutes. She is also a participant in Food Network Challenges, of which she has completed 16, a number which no other chef has completed in the show's history.

Bronwen Weber is presently Executive Chef at Frosted Art Bakery at Dallas in Texas, where she introduces various new lines of specialty cakes.

Achievements of Chef Bronwen Weber

Bronwen Weber has won numerous awards, including those for Best of Divisions and Best of Shows in nationwide competitions.

Her most notable achievement was being awarded the grand prize in Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in 2005, which is the most prestigious cake competition in America.

Popular Media Appearances by Chef Bronwen Weber

Bronwen Weber has been a part of the popular TV series 'Food Network Challenge', which is a realty show where professional chefs compete with each other for preparing their specialty dishes. She is a notable competitor of this challenge, having completed 16 challenges, more than any other chef in the show's history.