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Boston Cocktail

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Boston Cocktail is a Gin-based drink traditionally made with Apricot Brandy. Essentially a sweet tasting cocktail, it has a bit of a fruity flavor with an apricot flavor with a subdued alcoholic taste.

Origin of the Boston Cocktail Recipe

The exact origin of this drink is unknown and there is no one bartender who has been credited with the invention of the drink. The cocktail is believed to have first made an appearance in the 1946 edition of Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Bartender's Guide. However, that fact is disputed as well as some claim to have found this cocktail in other guides and books well before that.

The drink has been around for many decades and it seems to have been an invention specifically for lovers of Apricot flavored alcohol, particularly brandy. Over the years, various versions of the cocktail have evolved and today, Apple flavored variation of the drink is also hugely popular.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation: Boston Cocktail's Recipe

The traditional Boston Cocktail is made by mixing Dry Gin, Apricot Brandy, Grenadine and lemon juice. While it is true that apricot flavored brandy was and still is mostly used, other apricot flavored liqueurs can be used as a substitute.

The preparation of the cocktail takes merely a few minutes and it is prepared much like most other cocktails. A mixing glass is filled with ice and all the ingredients are added and mixed well. The concoction is strained into a chilled cocktail glass and served.

Serving Boston Drink

Although the traditional recipe does not call for any garnishing, a lemon twist can be added. Boston Cocktail is served in a cocktail glass which has been chilled beforehand.