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Bobby Dean

Bobby Deen residing in Savannah, Georgia is a restaurateur, cookbook author, television personality and a chef. Younger son of legendary Chef Paula Deen, the Deen brothers and her mother began a humble beginning selling tuna-fish sandwiches to local businesses. Within a few years this home based business turned in to America’s big-time restaurant named as “The Lady and Sons”. Now the family name of Deen brothers and their mother is a household brand.

Bobby Deen's Professional Life

Bobby Deen born on April 28, 1970 in Albany, Georgia, is a chef, restaurateur, and TV personality. Bobby Deen successfully operates restaurant in Savannah, Georgia along with his other family members.

Bobby Deen Cookbooks

  • The Deen Bros. Cookbook– Co-authored with his elder brother Jamie Deen and friend Melissa Clark. The Deen brother’s first cookbook includes hardship they faced while starting and growing their home based business to a big conglomerate. All tasted food with years of hard-work, the book includes hints, tips and shortcut for good everyday food. The collection of Bobby Deen recipes in this cookbook numbers around 100 also recounting experience while moving around America.

  • The Deen Bros. Take It Easy: Quick and Affordable Meals the Whole Family Will Love – Adding up their fan base including kids Bobby Deen gives 125 recipes in this volume. Some of the recipes bringing kids to the dining table are Pecan Catfish Sticks, quesadillas, beans and franks, honey –mustard baked chicken and cheese Jalapeno poppers.

  • The Deen Bros. Y'all Come Eat – Bobby Deen along with his brother Jamie Deen the Food Network stars bring own choice of amazing cheeseburger pies.

Popular Media Shows

Besides taking part in his mother’s television food shows, Bobby Deen co-hosted his own television programme with Food Network.

  • Road tasted –Show appeals to the small businesses which Deen brothers found while on the road. The products are available on the internet and all the products featured can be shipped directly to customers. The program always includes information about how to order the items.

  • Paula’s home cooking– Bobby Deen recipes appears occasionally in this show hosted by his mother Paula Deen on Food Network.

  • Deen Brothers Good Cooking magazine– started in spring of 2010, it is published by Hoffman Media in Birmingham, Alabama. It features easy recipe for younger audience.

Bobby Deen Restaurants

  • The Lady and Sons restaurant– Story of rags to riches Bobby Deen with his brother and mother started the restaurant in two-hundred dollars at Savannah, Georgia initially with name “The Bag Lady”. With the business growing the location was shifted renaming it “The Lady”. Popularity increasing the restaurant was shifted to another premise in downtown - renaming it “The Lady and Sons”.