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Biscochito is a cookie, which is prepared at Mexico by using flour, sugar and some spices such as cinnamon and anise. Such cookies resemble little cakes but the difference is that cookies are crispy and crunchy in taste while cakes are soft. The Biscochitos are commonly called “biscochos” which is a traditional cookie prepared and relished by the people of Mexico. A variety of shapes can be moulded out of the mix and are baked until they acquire a golden brown color. The traditional Biscochitos recipe is generally referred to at the time of Christmas or at Mexican weddings.


Biscochitos was first introduced in Mexico by the explorers of Spain in 16th century. These cookies are also prepared in many countries and in many cities of USA but are known by different names. These shortbreads are known as “Mantecosos” in Spain and are relished by tourists who come to visit Mexico.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Biscochitos Recipe

The basic ingredients required for preparing Biscochitos are flour, baking powder, salt, soft lard, sugar, powdered cinnamon, egg, rum or sweet white wine, ground anise and granulated sugar for topping. The flour, anise, baking powder and salt are sifted together in a bowl so that a batter is prepared. In a mixer, the lard is beaten gradually for about 10 minutes by adding the cream and sugar until the batter becomes light and fluffy. In the same batter, the egg and rum are added and are beaten continuously.

One third of the dry ingredients is mixed at a time and the batter is mixed until the dough becomes firm. The dough is kept aside for about 15 minutes following which it is coated over different moulds. The Biscochitos recipe involves baking for about 12 minutes until it becomes pale golden in color. As the cookies are being prepared, the topping ingredients are stirred together and when the Biscochitos is baked, it is cooled in baking sheets and is gently dipped in the prepared cinnamon-sugar topping.

Serving Bsicochitos

It should be served when the cookies are cooled and is generally served as a snack with various drinks. It should be stored in airtight containers so that the shortbreads do not become soggy.

Some Health Facts Related to Biscochitos Recipe

Biscochitos is a healthy cookie and it consists of many nutritional values such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It also consists of potassium, fiber, calcium, Vitamin A, C, D, E, iron, etc. This cookie is unhealthy for people suffering from obesity as it has high content of calories.