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Berkeley Food is famous for its Latin, Asian and Chinese food, which is evident from the fusion style of cooking in the city, where burgers, sandwiches, seafood and shell fish are quite popular. Berkeley, which is a northern California based US city, located on San Francisco Bay’s east shore, is immensely influenced by the cuisines of several other nations, which can be seen in its distinctive cooking style, where the local ingredients are blended with the cooking styles of other cuisines to come up with exciting and delightful dishes.

Commonly Used Ingredients of Berkeley Cuisine

Berkeley, which is a city in California, is influenced by the diverse climate where the Mediterranean climate plays a dominant role, thus resulting in the production of fresh organic vegetables and fruits. The awareness about healthy lifestyle and healthy diet among the people of California, and hence among the people of Berkeley, results in an increased use of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and meat in the food preparations. It is highly common in the city to make use of fresh and local ingredients in preparing food in Berkeley which are usually acquired on daily basis from the farmers market. Use of seafood is also made in abundance in the Berkeley recipes, as there is plenty of seafood seafood available on the California coast.

Popular Foods of Berkeley Cuisine

Though the food in Berkeley is usually healthy which is prepared with the help of locally produced healthy ingredients, yet there are a few fried and battered foods which are highly popular in the city. Some of the popular foods in Berkeley city are given here.

Fish tacos – this Berkeley food is influenced by the Mexican cuisine, where the fish fillets are fried in oil after coating them with flour and served in taco shells, along with salsa, cheese and coleslaw (vinegar, sugar, pepper, and salt), mix.

French fries – this is a snack item which is not only popular in Berkeley, but is also famous all over the world, where thin strips of potato are deep-fried in oil and served hot with tomato ketchup. French fries act as perfect accompaniments with various other fast food items like burgers and sandwiches.

Burgers- burgers are also popularly eaten in Berkeley and throughout the world, where a patty is prepared of various ingredients which may vary from one recipe to another, and stuffed inside a bun, garnished with cabbage or lettuce leaves, onion slices, tomato slices and cheese. The patty can either be chicken based or potato based, where the selected item is blended properly with various spices and herbs and fried in oil before stuffing it inside the bun.

Tempura – it is a popular Berkeley food, which is influenced from Japanese cuisine, where the seafood is battered with a mix of flour, cold water, eggs, baking powder, salt, and pepper, fried deeply in oil, and served hot.