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Bbq Pitmasters

BBQ Pitmasters is a popular American TV show, premiered on 3rd December, 2009, on TLC, featuring barbecue cooks competing for prizes and cash in barbecue cooking contest. There have been two seasons of the show till now, one in the year 2009 and the other in the year 2010.

Seasons of the Show

There were two seasons of the show, with the first one help in the year 2009 and the second one held in 2010. A brief description of both the seasons is given below:

Season One

Season one of the series, started on 3rd December 2009, had eight episodes filmed in documentary reality style, where various teams of BBQ cooks participated in the BBQ contest. The series ended on 4th February, 2010. The contestants included the following:

  • Pablo Diablo bbq restaurant, run by Paul Petersen, a well known Texas chef
  • Smokin' Triggers BBQ, run by Johnny Trigg
  • Jack's Old South, a restaurant owned by Myron Mixon
  • Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ, run by Harry Soo
  • Wood Chick's BBQ, led by Lee Ann Whippen, presently a partner’chef of Chicago q
  • Cool Smoke, run by Tuffy Stone

Season Two

Season two of the series, starting on 12th August, 2010 and ending on 23rd September, 2010, featured a new competition style of game show. Different venues of the country were selected every week, with four BBQ teams competing with each other. The winners of each week would meet each other in the finale of the second season to bag Kingsford cup and $100,000. The challenges of the contest were an exotic meat dish and a simple protein based dish. The host of the second season series was Kevin Roberts. The judges of season two were Art Smith (American celebrity chef, who authored “Back to the Table and Kitchen Life”), Warren Sapp (barbecue enthusiast and Super Bowl champion, annual American football game), and Myron Mixon (Jack's Old South restaurant’s owner, and one of the competitors of season one).

Popular Recipes of the Show

A few popular BBQ pitmasters recipes, which were the challenges of the show, are as follows:

  • Catfish fillets- this is a dish prepared by cooking catfish fillets after seasoning it with ingredients of choice. A popular recipe suggests soaking the fish fillets in milk, rolling them in cornmeal mixture, and cooking them in a frying pan in oil.
  • BBQ chicken- chicken is grilled on hot grill after pouring over a sauce made with tomato ketchup, vinegar, lemon juice, chili powder, salt, and mustard. The recipe may vary in terms of ingredient used in the sauce.
  • Fried chicken- this dish refers to battered or floured chicken pieces cooked through pan frying or deep frying methods.