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American Burger

American Burger, also called a burger, is essentially a sandwich or a patty made by filling a bread roll with meat( beef, pork, or turkey). Burger is an All-American favorite. Its popularity began to rise just before World War II, and now, Americans buy almost 5 billion burgers a year. While most of the countries had their own varient of burger, from chicken burger with rice bun of Hong kong to the Vada pav of India, From the shores of US, Merican Burger has conquered the taste buds of all gourmets of all continents of the world.

Origin of American Burger:

As early as the beginning in the 15th century, minced beef was a valued delicacy throughout Europe. Hashed beef was made into sausage in several different regions of Europe. The sausage placed between breas slices became an easy food for sailors and it began to be known after the Hamburg port of Germany, which later on became Hamburger and then became burger in short.

Ingredients of American Burger:

American Burger recipes give the cook a great deal of liberty to experiment with the ingredients. In American burger, cooked and minced or slices meat along with a variety of leafy as well as other cooked, semi cooked and non cooked vegetables are placed one above another with a liberal mix of cheese or cream . Typical local varieties allows filling in other ingredients like baby corn, cooked mushroom or even sliced fruits and honey to give punchy taste for the burger. Lemon juice, vinegar, sauces, Spices like pepper, garlic, mustard, clove and finely chopped ginger are also added to fit the flavor of the combination.

Popular Method of Preparation of American Burger:

American burger is an easy food where a genuine combination of minced or sliced chicken, beef or pork is placed in layers along with the vegetable, cheese and cream is typically placed in between a sliced bread roll. Non-vegetarian variant where the meat layer is avoided is also quite popular.

Servings and Popular Variants:

Most popular variants of American Burger include Chicken cob burger, American burger is usually had with finger chips, grilled flavored potatoes and soft drinks or soda.

Health and Nutritional Facts- American Burger:

American burger is a huge source of calories, fat and carbohydrates, along with cholestrol and sodium and hence not recommended for prople with extra mass over their body and those who excercises less. Famous American Burger: From Fletcher Davis and Louis Lassen of 1800, the big names of American burgers are many like The standard taste offering Mc Donalds and most special Father's Office in Santa Monica, California