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American Bread

American bread is a term that encompasses an assortment of breads of the American cuisine. Muffins, doughnuts, flatbreads, hotdog buns, cornbread and many more such popular breads are the varieties of bread made in America. Though there are several variations of these breads throughout the world, the original bread is produced on American land.

Traditional American breads are prepared with white flour; however, other flours like wheat flour, corn flour, rye and barley are also incorporated to increase the fiber content of the breads. Sandwiches, burgers and rolls are some of the popular dishes that are prepared with American breads.

History of American Breads

American bread, or more precisely flatbread, probably came into existence from Glady Ford’s kitchen when George, her grandson, observed her cooking on the wooden fire oven. George made his own fire oven with wood on one summer night and tried making flatbread rather than a loaf.

Similarly, the history of doughnuts is also quite mystifying in America, as they are said to be introduced to North America by some Dutch settlers, whereas an American, Hansen Gregory also claimed to be the creator of ring-shaped donuts in the year 1847 at the age of 16 years. He punched the raw center of a greasy donut with a tin pepper box while travelling on a ship and this gave birth to ring-shaped donuts.

Popular American Bread Recipes

  • Banana bread – This is one of the popular flavored breads in America. Mashed bananas and chopped walnuts are traditionally used to flavor this bread loaf. The traditional baking method is used to produce this loaf, although modern techniques can also make delicious banana bread.
  • Muffins – These are small cakes specially produced for single serving. Muffins are quite popular in American, as well as, other cuisines. Initially, yeast-free muffins were quite popular in America, but in the 19th century the yeast-based and wheat muffins had taken up an important place in American baked goods list. Raspberry, blueberry, cinnamon, banana and almond are some of the commonly used flavors for muffins.
  • Doughnut – It is a round, fried and puffed sweet snack popular in different cuisines having origin in America. It is usually made with sweet flour dough and often filled with sweet and savory ingredients. Potato dough is also sometimes used to make savory doughnuts.
  • Hot dog bun – It is a soft long-shaped bun specifically created to hold hot dogs or frankfurter. In America, its history is quite disputed. One of the stories is about a concessionaire who used to give sausages to his customers in returnable gloves in 1904, but when he did not get his gloves back, he asked his banker brother to suggest a solution and in this way the hot dog bun came into existence.