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Alexandra Jamieson

Alexandra Jamieson, being a holistic food counselor and vegan chef has gained lot of popularity all over the world. She caters to the need of individual clients who seek her advice through different parts of the world. Offering food recommendations and lifestyle choices are the main tasks that Alexandra Jamieson performs as a natural foods chef.

She has made up her way towards healthy cooking and positive lifestyle while sufferings from diabetes, migraine and fatigue. Alexandra Jamieson recipes are the reflection of her natural food cooking and mainly focus on detoxification through balanced diet.

Personal and Professional Life of Alexandra Jamieson

Born on 27th March, 1975 in USA, Alexandra Jamieson is married to Morgan Spurlock. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and chose the path of healing through food. Her services towards her clients include creating healthy as well as delicious food menus that mainly include Alexandra Jamieson recipes. With her time-saving and convenient services, Alexandra gained huge popularity among her clients.

Natural Gourmet cookery school in New York has also been a centre of graduation for Alexandra. She started her professional cooking after brushing up her culinary skills in the school. Milan and Italy were the main places where this professional chef had exhibited her culinary expertise in the initial years of her career. Chef Mohamed Tourkey was her mentor, under whose observation Alexandra Jamieson created her organic menu and expanded her abilities in regional, vegan and seasonal cooking. With these skills she has improvised her already set menus by including foods for cancer, high BP, various food allergies as well as infertility.

After showing her extraordinary culinary skills to the whole world she also stepped into the field of food writing. Alexandra Jamieson recipes became instantly popular through her cookery publications on print and DVD’s.

Notable Achievements of Alexandra Jamieson

  • One of the most popular publications of Alexandra Jamieson is “The Great American Detox Diet”, published in 2006 which offers the great advice on detoxification of the body system along with some tips on healthy living.

  • Her appearance on Oprah, The Final Word, 30 days had made her a celebrity overnight.

  • “Super Size Me” is the award winning documentary that showcased some of the most interesting Alexandra Jamieson Recipes along with tips and advice on natural and organic cooking.

  • New York City had seen some nice moments spent by Alexandra in 2001 and 2002. She worked as a pastry chef in one of the city’s most popular Organic restaurant named, The Other Foods. Paul Newman’s Hole is the place where Alex had spent her time in offering foods to the staff and volunteers working in the camp towards the betterment of children suffering from life-threatening diseases.