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Alan Wong

Alan Wong is a prominent name in the Hawaiian cuisine. This illustrious culinary professional who is also well-known as a restaurateur is credited with the recognition of establishing the Regional Hawaii cuisine in America with significant others like Sam Choy, Peter Merriman, Roy Yamaguchi and Bev Gammon amongst others. Alan Wong recipes from the regional cuisine were characterized by the usage of ingredients that are indigenous to Hawaii. The recipes were representative of the varied regional preparation of the Hawaii. Alan Wong, who has restaurants in Japan and Hawaii, is the winner of several awards including one from the James Beard Foundation. Wong had written cookbooks and also appeared on TV in the Top Chefs program.

Alan Wong's Achievements

The awards won by Alan Wong are as follows:

· 13 Rising Star Chefs in America - Wong was considered one the 13 rising star chefs of America by the Robert Mondavy Winery in the year 1994.

· Best Chef (Pacific North West)- after the Robert Mondavi Winery award in 1994, this James Beard Foundation award conferred on him in 1996 was the next big award for the chef.

· Chef of the Year- this 2001 award by Sante Magazine, is another big achievement of the chef.

· America’s Best Fifty Restaurants- In 2001, Gourmet Magazine judged a restaurant of Alan Wong as the sixth amongst the best fifty restaurants of America.

Alan Wong's Noteworthy Contributions

· Hawaiian Regional Cuisine- Created by Alan Wong and his company, this cuisine consists of food preparations made using ingredients that are found typically in the Hawaii region. The Alan Wong recipes of this cuisine also represent the variations in the different sub-cuisines of the region.

· Television Programs- Top Chef was one of the best cooking contests in which Alan Wong was invited as a guest judge. The contestants of the show took part in lunch with Wong as the host. In the very episode an interesting part is that of the contestants being asked to serve the luau which was made for Wong’s birthday.

Alan Wong’s Restaurants

Alan Won owns three restaurants:

· The Pineapple Room- this is located in Ohau, in Ala Moana Cneter.

· Alan Wong’s King Street – this is also located in Ohau.

· Hawaii – This is a Alan Wong’s third restaurant which is situated in Maihama in the Tokyo Disneyland. It seems this restaurant is now not being functional as it has been closed down.