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The Screaming Nazi Cocktail Shooter

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How to make the screaming nazi cocktail shooter, a shooter that may seem like a design with entire German ingredients. Optionally, you can light the Screaming Nazi on fire (perhaps that is why it is screaming.) A blisteringly cold yet minty peppermint flavor with a cinnamon finish. The jagermeister doesn't bring any black licorice flavor like it does in other cocktail recipes. If you let it sit on your tongue for a bit you'll start getting a bit more jagermeister. But, overall, this is a bright and cold cocktail (flaming or not). No Nazis attacked Russia in the making of this cocktail.
  Jagermeister 1 Ounce
  Rumple minze 1 Ounce
  Goldschlager 1 Ounce

1. In a shot glass, add the jagermeister, rumple minze and goldschlager.
2. Light the rim of the glass on fire, if you wish to have a flaming drink. Be careful while doing this.

3. Serve and drink in one shot.

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Preparation Time: 
10 Minutes

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