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Vladimir Vodka

Vladimir Vodka is branded vodka. A neutral tasting vodka with 40 % abv, it is often used in preparing mixed drinks and mainly in the preparation of jello shots. One of the advantageous attributes of this wine is its affordability which makes it easily accessible to the vodka loving population especially the college youngsters who like its strong taste and aroma. Vladimir Vodka in the United States is marketed under the Montebello brand. This wine is one of the most popular amongst cheap wines.

Vladimir Vodka Recipes – History

Vladimir Vodka has perhaps been prepared in Baltimore, MD. The alcoholic drink seems to have been named after Vlad, the Impaler.

Vladimir Vodka Recipes

Vladimir vodka is used in the preparation of a number of mixed drinks and gelatin shots as discussed below:

a. Gelatin Shots- Also known as vodka jelly, or jello shots in Untied States of America, these are party dessert gels made with an alcoholic ingredient which may be rum, tequila, grain alcohol, or most significantly vodka of which the Vladimir variation is commonly used. The alcoholic ingredient serves as a substitute for water or fruit juice which is used to congeal the gel by thickening it. Though an interesting theory associating the invention of vodka jelly to American satirist Tom Leherer as a measure to tackle the restriction on consumption of alcohol has been formulated, lacking substantial evidence, it is not supported much. These gelatin desserts seem to have an abv of 30 %. Vladimir vodka, is often used in combination with other vodkas in the preparation of these jelly desserts and it is rarely used as a single alcohol in such preparations.

b. Cocktail drinks- Vladimir vodka recipes suggest combination with other alcoholic/non- alcoholic beverages for parties. An interesting twist to mixed fruit cocktails can be given by inclusion of Vladimir vodka. For example a mixed fruit beverage of cranberry and lime juices can taste and feel better with the addition of the vodka under discussion.

Vladimir Vodka – Similar Vodkas

Vladimir Vodka is compared to a couple of other vodkas like Banker’s Club Vodka and Mc Cormick’s Vodka.