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Tequila Slammer

Tequila Slammer refers to a cocktail which is served in shooter glass or rocks glass, which is an old fashioned lowball glass usually used for serving alcoholic beverages and cocktails. In Mexico, Tequila Slammer is popularly called by the name “muppet” which is prepared with tequila and any one of many kinds of carbonated beverages viz ginger ale, 7-Up, lemonade, and mountain dew.

The drink is famous as one of the fun party drinks, where the drink is slammed after activating soda fizz. This cocktail is also known as Popper, Tequilazo, or Tequila Boom Boom.

Method of Consuming Tequila Slammer

The way of consuming the drink is the reason behind the name of the drink. The common way of consuming tequila slammer is to cover the glass with the hand after adding tequila and carbonated drink, and bang the glass on the table of bar counter or any hard surface, so that both the liquids mix well, and the drink is then consumed instantly. Gas bubbles would be released after the slamming process, thus allowing the drink to produce foam. The slamming process and the use of tequila in the drink gave the name “tequila slammer” to the cocktail.

Tequila Slammer Recipe - Ingredients

The ingredients required for preparing Tequila Slammer include tequila and lemonade or ginger ale.

Tequila Slammer Recipe- Preparation

Tequila and lemonade are poured in the shot glass, the glass is covered with hand or napkin, slammed on bar counter, and the drink is consumed while it is fizzy.

Tequila Slammer Recipe- Variations

There are several variations of the Tequila Slammer drink which are explained hereunder.

  • Originally, the drink was prepared by combining together tequila and lime lemon Yoli (soft drink).

  • Later on grapefruit flavored Squirt was used to prepare the drink.

  • At times, champagne is used in Tequila Slammer recipe, where the drink is known by the name "Golden Slammer” or "Slammer Royale".

Tequila Slammer Trivia

  • Make sure to leave some part of the glass empty while pouring carbonated drink and tequila, so that slamming can be done easily, without the risk of the drink coming out of the glass. Also, carbonated drink produces fizz which needs some space to settle properly.

  • Ensure to drink the tequila slammer immediately after slamming.

  • It is true that any kind of carbonated drink, which produces fizz, works great in case of tequila shot. However, lemonade is considered to be the best among all.