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Stoli Vodka

Stoli Vodka is a classic Russian vodka. It is clean smelled, with delicate aromas of butter, white pepper and sweet cream. Stoli vodka is smooth and sweet, with an oil rich texture and light mineral notes. It has a clean finish, with soft aniseed and hint of almonds.

Its actual name is Stolichnaya, which has been popularly abbreviated to "Stoli". It is one of the most popular vodka brands worldwide. Most of the variants available in the market are affordable and easily available, not to mention high on quality, and hence they are the preferred choice of many. Stoli vodka is also widely used for mixing with other drinks.

The brand's logo has the words "Stolichnaya vodka" in gold cursive font, on a drawing which contains a Moscow landmark which is under re-construction, the Hotel Moskva, where Stalin had once stayed and the site of one of the first Metro stations in the Moscow. The word "Stolichnaya" comes from the "stolitsa" which means "capital city".

The red label of Stoli Vodka is the flagship brand which is available almost anywhere. This Russian vodka is distilled from wheat and rye, four times, mixed with artesial water from the Kalingrad region, and filtered through quartz, sand, activated charcoal and woven cloth. It is available at around $25 a bottle, which is considered an affordable price for vodka.

Stoli Elit is a smoother version of standard Stoli Vodka available. It is sipped chilled or mixed in cocktails like Vodka Martini. The smoother taste comes by some extra filtering in the production process. It is a more expensive variant. It has a clean, rich and grainy aroma. The palate has citrus, grainy and warm caramel notes.

Stoli Vodka Recipes
Stoli Vodka recipes include a wide variety of martinis and other mixed drinks. Here are some common examples of Stoli vodka recipes.Black Magic, Bay Breeze,Cajun Martini, Crawdaddy , Douglas Martini, EDO Cocktail, Hot Throbbing Banana, Kretchma and Mocha Martini

The different Stoli vodka recipes require specific flavors of Stoli vodka.

Varieties of Stoli Vodka

Stoli Vodka is available in many varieties, some of which are as follows-
Stolichnaya 80 proof (red label),§ Stolichnaya 80 proof (Kristal or gold), Stolichnaya 100 proof (blue label), Stolichnaya Elit ("ultra-luxury" i.e. ultra-filtered), Stoli Blakberi (Blackberry), and Stoli Blueberi (Blueberry).

§ Stoli Gala Applik (Apple)
§ Stoli Ohranj (Orange)
§ Stoli Peachik (Peach; formerly named Stoli Persik)
§ Stoli Razberi (Raspberry)
§ Stoli Strasberi (Strawberry)
§ Stoli Vanil (Vanilla)
§ Stoli White Pomegranik (White Pomegranate)
§ Stoli Wild Cherri (Wild Cherry)
Stoli vodka as well as stoli vodka recipes are a favorite among vodka lovers and mixologists alike.