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Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka, leading vodka originally of Russian origin, is now a product of Diageo, a British company that produces and markets this wine. Though originally started in Russia by peasants, Smirnoff vodka, being distributed in 130 countries, is one of the largely distributed ones of its kind. Smirnoff vodka recipes include a number of varieties including a range of flavored versions. It was only in 2006 that Diageo claimed that the company was the numero uno distilled products producer of the world. Each Smirnoff vodka is assigned a number. For example, 21: Smirnoff North (better known as Smirnoff Red Label or Smirnoff Nordic Berries, and previously known as Smirnoff Norsk), 27: Smirnoff Classic Label are names of the different types of vodkas from Smirnoff

History of Smirnoff Vodka

The history of Smirnoff Vodka dates back to 1860 when it was founded in Moscow by Pyotr Smirnov who started a distillery under the trade name P.A. Smirnoff. This person, who pioneered charcoal filtration for vodkas captured a significant portion of Moscow markets, by taking successful measures against anti- vodka initiatives made in the country. The Smirnoff vodka of those times saw tremendous success as it was liked even by Tsar of the nation. But as the original inventor died, the Russian vodka industry was nationalized, and the occurrence of the Russian Revolution, the business suffered a severe set back and was wiped off from Russia. Vladimir Smirnov (the successor of P.A. Smirnoff) re-established the brand in Istanbul in 1920. In the next decade Smirnov moved to Poland where he adopted the French spelling for the vodka brand and flourished there. By 1930, the vodka was exported to many European countries and the Smirnoff vodka unit was set up in Paris.

Popular Smirnoff Vodka Recipes

Smirnoff Vodka comprises a range of vodkas, popularly the flavored vodkas of which there are 17 varieties. The flavors are mostly fruity flavors like those of citrus fruits, green apples, vanilla, passion fruit, pomegranate, and Pineapple. Smirnoff Penka is a type of blended vodka that is marketed in Canada and United Kingdom. The latest Smirnoff vodka recipes belonging to the Cocktail Range are Pomegranate Martini made with pomegranate juice and Meyer Lemon Liqueur, Mojito Cocktail with mint and kafir lime, and Grand Cosmopolitan cocktail made by adding cranberry juice. Apart from Smirnoff vodka, the company also produces a number of malt beverages like Smirnoff Ice which is sold in France and United States of America. Actually this beverage has two variants. Also popular as Original and Triple Black, the French and US version of the drink is a malt beverage, but the Canadian, Latin American, European (excluding France) and the Australian versions are all vodka drinks. Smirnoff vodka recipes including fruity ingredients like Green Apple and Mandarin Orange were also produced and marketed as Smirnoff Ice Twisted. Smrinov Vodka is a Russian sibling of Smirnoff vodka and is a joint product of the American Diageo and the Russian Alfa Group. With the banning of the Diageo vodka in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Smrinov Vodka gained significance as its sibling product.