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Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy is a spicy citrus mixed drink with an alcoholic ingredient commonly included in it. Usually consumed hot, this drink is perfect for a cold winter evening or night.

Preparation of Hot Toddy

Fixing a glass of Hot Toddy is quite simple. Boiling hot water is taken in a pot. Citrus elements, such as lemon juice and peels are added to it along with honey. Spices including cloves, allspice, ginger and cinnamon are added according to the desired taste. Bourbon, Whiskey or tea are added to the seasoned and flavored water for the desired type of Toddy.

Origin of Hot Toddy

According to some studies, the term Toddy seems to have been brought by the British East India Company from India. But another story, citing an Allan Ramsay’s poem “The Morning Interview” suggests British roots for the origin of the term.

Health Benefits of Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy was considered an effective remedial drink for the common cold and flu. But the American Lung Association cautions people against using alcoholic beverages for curing cold because they cause dehydration.

Hot Toddy Recipes

Mulled cider, Gin Toddy, and Scotch Hot Toddy are some of the popular Hot Toddy recipes of today.