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Brandy Alexander

Brandy Alexander is a sweet brandy based cocktail that had achieved popularity in the 20th century. Believed to have been invented during the marriage of Viscount Lascelles with Princess Mary in 1922, the cocktail is also known as Brandy Alexandra alternatively. It is considered to be one of the most fashionable after dinner drinks at present.
The most popular brandy Alexander recipe calls for cognac, fresh cream and the dark brown crème de cacao as its primary ingredients. The brandy cocktail is drunk straight up without the aid of ice and is served in old fashioned cocktail glasses as a tradition.
The cocktail is also believed to have been based on an earlier gin based drink known as Alexander.

History Of Brandy Alexander Cocktail
The gin based cocktail Alexander created with crème de cacao and sweet cream shaken together with gin is known as the precursor of Brandy Alexander. The drink was extremely popular during the mid twenties after being served at the Royal wedding of Princess Mary and Lord Lascelles.
The well known drama critic, Alexander Woollcott encouraged his fans to think that the drink had been named for him. However, the Brandy Alexander is believed to have been named in honor of Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Ingredients And Popular Brandy Alexander Recipe
Cream, Crème de Cacao and brandy are the only ingredients that go into Brandy Alexander. All the ingredients are shaken vigorously over ice until it becomes frosted. The beverage is usually poured in old fashioned cocktail glasses and served with a sprinkling of nutmeg powder. Grated nutmeg is frequently used as a garnishing as well.

Variations Of The Brandy Alexander Recipe

  • Dreamy Alexander- A mixture prepared with equal amounts of crème de cacao and cointreau. It is served with a slice of orange inserted on the rim of the glass.
  • Mocha Alexander- A combination of crème de cacao and coffee liqueur served with a garnishing of cocoa powder.
  • Alexander Mint- A unique blend of crème de menthe and crème de cacao served with a sprig of mint.
  • Parisian Blonde- A brandy Alexander recipe which contains rum and Curaçao instead of brandy.
  • Holiday Brandy Alexander- The heavy cream is replaced by egg nog in this traditional holiday drink.
  • Panama Cocktail- Made with white crème de cacao instead of the dark brown variety.
  • Ice Cream- Prepared with soft vanilla ice cream instead of the cream.
  • Frozen Brandy Alexander- The cocktail is stored in a freezer and consumed in a frozen condition.
  • Fruity Alexander-A number of fruit flavored cocktail drinks are created by mixing the brandy based drink with fruit flavored liqueurs.
  • Brandy Cocktail dishes- Pies, soufflés and puddings are often prepared with this brand based cocktail serving as one of its chief ingredients.

Nutritional Facts Of Brandy Alexander Cocktail

A single serving of Brandy Alexander consists of 200 calories with 32% of it being obtained from fat alone.

Brandy Alexander Recipe: Trivia
The drink is featured prominently in the 1962 film, ‘Days of Wine and Roses’.