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Zambian food is not widely varied and revolves around a staple known as Nshima. It is prepared by grinding maize or corn and eaten with several dishes during different times of the day. The maize starch is made into a thin gruel and mixed with sugar which becomes the main food at breakfast. The same Nshima is then eaten for lunch and dinner where it is of a thicker consistency.

The other dishes are both meat based as well as vegetarian in nature with insects and grubs being considered to be delicacies by the local residents of the country.

A number of alcoholic drinks are prepared on a commercial basis in Zambia with Chibuku, a local fermented beverage being a favorite with the locals.

Zambian food remained free of external influences until the 19th century after which the Portuguese and English dishes became popular. There are many folklores and legends associated with Nshima and it is prepared with special care during festivals.

Popular Zambian Foods

  • Kibbutz- A salad containing a variety of vegetables that is served with Nshima at meal times.
  • Samp- A traditional Zambian dish that is prepared from dried beans and hominy.
  • Chinaka- A dish of spiced tuber cooked with powdered peanut.
  • Caterpillar delight- Boiled caterpillars served with an assortment of green vegetables.
  • Ifisashi- Most popular dish of Zambia cooked with vegetables and peanuts with meat added to it.

Places Famous for Food of Zambia

  • Mabel’s Kitchen- A well known restaurant in Lusaka serving Zambian and African cuisine.
  • Makuwakua Restaurant- A popular destination for tourists, it specializes in authentic Zambian food.