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Togo food is to a large extent influenced by the many invasions on the land. Many of the invaders bringing with them their own style of cooking to Togo, thats how Togolese cuisine got its rich and varied cooking tradition and style. Togo food is known to be delicious and healthful. Infact Togo chefs are in great demand in many African countries for their renowned culinary skills.

German and French influence on Togo food is prominent. Germany had colonized Togo for many years and it was only after Germany was defeated in World War 1 that the land of Togo came to be divided between the English and the French.


  • Fufu: Fufu is a traditional dish of Togo that is made using yam. The yam is mashed and boiled and made into dough. Sauces and dips of different flavors are employed as side dishes with fufu.
  • Pâtes: Pates is made using maize flour which is made into dough by adding some water.. Various types of sauces are mixed with the dish to give it different flavors and it is upto the preference of the individual. Locally obtainable vegetables are utilized for preparing the sauce dips. Non vegetarian sauce items are prepared from poultry, meat, fish and rats.
  • Kokonte: This is a type of pates made using the locally cultivated Cassava. Sorghums and Millets and these days sorghums which turn out to be cheaper can also be utilized in the preparation of kokonte.
  • Riz Sauce Arachide: This is basically a peanut sauce that is specially cooked up and eaten with rice. It is a healthy and a delicacy worth tasting.

Tchakpallo is amongst the most popular drinks in Togo. It is made by fermenting palm and millet wine that are in great demand. German beer is another very popular drink in Togo.

Some of the items that will prove to be useful while cooking Togo food are kitchen thermometers, kitchen slicers, measuring spoons and cups, strainers, skimmers and mixing bowls. Forks, spatulas, scrapers and turners will also hold one in good stead whilst cooking togo food.