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Tanzanian food refers to the amalgamation of dishes belonging to the rich food culture of Tanzania, an East African country. Varied ingredients and foodstuffs are cooked together with the flavorful coconut to make healthy as well as delectable dishes of Tanzanian cuisine. Tanzania is a country with several regions that have their own eating habits and cooking methods, hence this cuisine is said to be a mixture of distinctive flavors and ingredients that are also influenced by many foreign cuisines as well. Reflection of Indian food culture can also be seen in the food of Tanzania.

Overview of Tanzanian Cuisine

The main components in Tanzanian food are rice, meats, seafood, porridge and varied fruits. Dessert is also an important part of meals of this cuisine. Almost all Tanzanian dishes are flavored with either coconut powder or coconut milk. Even grated coconut flakes are often used for topping and garnishing.Ugali is a dish prepared with cornmeal that is a staple in Tanzanian cuisine. A large number of people living in Tanzania are of Indian origin; hence many Indian dishes are also popular in the country, Indian bread and curry dishes to name a few. Among the meats, beef and chicken are highly consumed Tanzanian foods. Seafood is also popular in Tanzanian recipes as it is situated quiet near to the Indian Ocean. Couscous is also a widely used ingredient. Beverages, especially tea and coffee are taken after meals.

Popular Dishes in Tanzanian Cuisine

  • Coconut bean soup – This is a quiet interesting dish in Tanzanian food. It is a vegetable broth flavored with coconut.
  • Duckling Dar es Salaam – This is delicacy in this cuisine. It can be prepared wither with veal or chicken.
  • Ugali – A traditional breakfast dish of Tanzanian cuisine prepared with cornmeal mush.

Health Facts Related to Tanzanian Cuisine

Tanzanian food is characterized by usage of varied fruits, vegetables and meats; hence it is considered quite nutritive food. The stews and soups dishes served in the cuisine are also prepared with nutritional ingredients that are suitable for people of all age groups. With the extensive use of coconut and subtle incorporation of spices, Tanzanian people make their dishes healthy.