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Tagine is a dish, which is given the name after a special pot that is used to cook it. Tagine is a special recipe of North African cuisines and especially eaten in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. In Cyprus, a dish named Tawas is also similar to Tagine.

About Tagine

The tagine pot has a heavy flat circular bottom with low sides with a dome shape cover. The cover rests inside the sides of the dish and keeps all the steam inside the dish while cooking. After cooking, the cover is removed and the base dish is taken to the table for serving. Tagine dish is made of clay and glazed with paint. In Europe, the dish is now created with heavy cast iron bottom.

Tagine recipes

Moroccan Tagine is a stew cooked at slow-fire. Stew contains meat, sauce and vegetables. Slow cooking allows the meat and vegetables to cook evenly and thoroughly that gives a nice aroma. Another popular tagine recipe is Tunisian tagine. It is very different from Moroccan tagine and is cooked somewhat like Italian frittata. It can be made with seafood or only with vegetables.