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Sudanese food is a set of dishes associated with Sudan, the widest state of Africa. The natural lakes and water bodies are abundantly found in the southern regions of Sudan; hence the Sudanese cuisine is characterized by seafood recipes.

Though Sudanese food has been improvising steadily, but subtle and simple ingredients are the highlight of the cuisine. The main progress in Sudanese cuisine is done with the introduction of spices by the Arabic and Turkish spice traders.

Arab countries are quiet influential on this cuisine in terms of initiating the use of some specific fruits and vegetables that were otherwise unknown to the Sudan. However, even after swayed by many foreign culinary cultures, the native flavor is still dominating the Sudanese food.

Ingredients and Methods Used in Sudanese Cuisine
Sudanese food is exemplified with the extensive use of sesame owing to the large cultivation of sesame seeds in the region. Sudan also tops the number of exporters in the sesame industry.

Wheat and rice are also the staples in Sudanese cuisine. Among the meats; beef and mutton is quiet favorable for people in Sudan. The wide use of tomatoes is also evident in the curry and dry dishes made in the cuisine. Olive is also one of the common ingredients used mainly for toppings.

The fundamental spices such as variety of peppers and flavorful garlic are immensely used for making various dishes in Sudanese food.

Cooking techniques and methods adopted in Sudan are quiet similar to the neighboring countries. Shrorba is the most commonly made dish in Sudan and it requires a prolonged cooking on low heat in order to make the vegetables or meat quiet tender and flavorful. Scooping is also a distinctive technique used to scoop out the pulp from the vegetables especially tomatoes. Bite-size meat and vegetable pieces are common on Sudanese dishes.

Popular Dishes in Sudanese Cuisine
Sudanese food is an amalgamation of varied rich and traditional dishes. Some of the popular Sudanese dishes are as follow:

  • Aseeda – This porridge dish is considered a traditional recipe that is prepared in almost all Sudanese households. Flour cooked in ghee and date syrup is the main ingredient of this dish.
  • Basboosa – It is a popular Sudanese dessert dish. A kind of semolina cake, this dish is highly famous in other Middle Eastern cuisine as well.
  • Sudanese Tomato salad – Also known as Salata Tomatim Bel Daqua, is a very simple and nutritional side dish in Sudanese food.

Health Facts Related to Sudanese Cuisine
Sudanese food is highly nutritional owing to the fresh ingredients used in cooking. Meats and seafood dishes are extremely beneficial as they are cooked with slow cooking method that allows the food to retain its flavor and nutrients. Vegetables and spices are also generously used and add health to the Sudanese food.