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Mishkaki is basically marinated meat grilled on skewers made the Swahili way. The dish is originally from Eastern coastal regions of Africa.

Ingredients and Preparation

A rich marinade is first made consisting of ginger and garlic minced very fine, tomato paste, little tamarind paste, curry powder, oil, water, black pepper and salt. Pieces of beef or chicken are added to the marinade and mixed well to coat uniformly. Marination with overnight refrigeration would produce best results. The marinated pieces are threaded onto skewers and then grilled till cooked through either on a barbeque grill or on hot coals.

Nutrition Information

Mishkaki can be made lower in saturated fats and cholesterol by using white meat (chicken) instead of red meat (beef). It is a high protein dish that may be served with pita bread or wheat bread to provide the complete set of essential amino acids. The nutritive value of the dish may be enhanced by adding vegetable chunks like onion, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes into the marinade and grilling these in between the meat pieces.