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Merguez is fresh and rather spicy, mutton, lamb or beef - filled sausage belonging to the North African Cuisine. Lamb, beef or mutton mince, either individually or in combination, may be stuffed into the casing made of lamb intestines.

Ingredients and Preparation

What renders the characteristic appearance to Merguez is the fact that it is quite heavily spiced with chilli peppers or harissa – a fiery spice paste. This ingredient is responsible for its trademark piquancy, sharp taste and reddish color. Other spices that contribute include garlic, sumac and fennel. Cilantro is also used for added freshness. In fact, dried Merguez is used to flavor tagines.

All the ingredients are simply blended together in a food processor to ensure consistency of spices, herbs and harissa in the meat mince. This mixture is then stuffed into sausage casing or formed into desired shapes before grilling.

Nutritive Value

A single sausage of ~ 65 g supplies 140 calories, 81 being from fat; 9.0 g total fat with 4.5 g saturated fat, 45 mg cholesterol; 390 mg sodium; 2.0 g carbohydrates with 1.0 g dietary fibre and 13.0 g protein. The dish is also rich in Vitamin A and iron.

Suggested Accompaniment

Merguez is usually grilled and eaten along with couscous. It may also be eaten placed in between sandwiches.