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Mbaazi or Mbaazi wa Nazi is a unique Swahili main dish that makes use of the indigenous pulse -pigeon peas which are cooked in coconut milk. Pigeon peas also called Congo peas/beans have been cultivated in Egypt and surrounding regions even earlier than 2000 B. C. as the tropical climate favors its growth.

Ingredients and Preparation

In a large pot, the pigeon peas are cooked in enough water till they soften and absorb most of the water. Thin coconut milk is added and allowed to simmer. In a skillet with heated oil, onion, chilli peppers are sautéed, curry powder is added and stir-fried. This is then added to the peas as they are cooking. Thick coconut milk is added towards the end and the hot rich stew is served along with rice or Ugali.

Nutrition Information

A serving of ~ 200 g provides 687.6 calories (252 from fat), a total of 28.0 g of fat with 23.6 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, sodium 94.4 mg, total of 86.8 g of carbohydrate with 10.4 g sugar and 20.9 g dietary fiber and 28.9 g of protein.

Nutritional Improvement

Spinach would goes well with this recipe and it can be added to offer a good source of Vitamin A and fiber as well as iron.