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Funkaso is the name given to millet-based pancakes originally from Nigeria which use millet, butter and sugar as the chief ingredients. It may be served either during the main meal as the cereal preparation or as a satisfying snack alongside either chutney or honey at any time of the day.

Ingredients and Preparation

Millet flour, lukewarm water, butter or oil to fry, sugar and salt to taste are the main ingredients required to prepare the Funkaso.

Millet flour is sifted in a large bowl, water is added in gradually with constant whisking until a smooth runny paste-like consistency is obtained. This is allowed to rest for at least 4 hours. Butter is heated in a pan. The batter is whisked with requisite amounts of salt and sugar. When the pan is hot enough, batter is ladled in and spread to form a thin round pancake which is then turned over once and cooked till crisp and light golden.

Nutrition Information

Millet flour is high in insoluble fibre, calcium and iron making it favourable for anaemics and persons with osteoporosis. Millets also pack in plenty of B-vitamins, Vitamin A and proteins. The insoluble fibre from millets is known to help prevent gallstones from developing and ensure smooth bowel functions.

A stewed apple and cinnamon filling placed in the pancake would further enhance fibre value of the dish (owing to the pectin content) while promoting steady blood sugar levels.