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Eritrean food mainly consists of dishes made of cereals, fruits, vegetables and meat. The Eritrean cuisine is very much similar to Ethiopian cuisine and injera, flat bread is an important food accompaniment of this small East African country. Though, Eritrea is a small country with a low population of 5 million people, Eritrean food offers many choices from other world cuisines.

Historical And Cultural Influences on Eritrean Cuisine

Eritrea is situated along the Red Sea in East Africa and has been under the foreign rule for many years. The cuisine of Eritrea is therefore very much influenced by Middle Eastern countries. The Eritrean food recipes also share some similarities with Italian foods as Italy occupied the country for a long number of years. The restaurants in Eritrea have lasagna, spaghetti and pastas in their menus.

Commonly Used Ingredients In Eritrean Cuisine

Eritrean food recipe normally include fruits and vegetables. Meat of goat, sheep and cattle is consumed abundantly. However, the people of Eritrea are not very much into fish foods. Poultry items also dominate the Eritrean cuisine. Lentils and maize are also used commonly in Eritrean recipes.

Popular Eritrean Recipes

  • Kitcha- This Eritrean food is actually a thin, baked white bread which pairs well with many vegetables dishes. It is also a popular snacking item.
  • Injera- It is a squishy pancake which is made of wheat. It can also be made using barley, sorghum and maize. This Eritrean food is usually eaten with Zingi, a meat and vegetable stew.
  • Tshebi- It is a sauté preparation of meat, tomatoes and red peppers.
  • Shiro- It is a chickpea porridge which is usually eaten with injera.

Popular Beverages In Eritrea

Suwa is the national beverage of Eritrea and is similar to an alcoholic drink. A honey drink made through fermentation process is also very popular and is known as mies. Araki is yet another drink which is relished the most and is made from anise flavored liquid. Tea and coffee are the popular hot beverages. The people of Eritrea love to take sips of banana, mango and papaya juices.

Eating Habits Of Eritrean People

The people of Eritrea eat food on low dining tables. The Eritrean food is eaten and served in traditional utensils and washing hands prior to eating is customary.