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Egyptian in the culinary world refers to the Egyptian cuisine. Egyptian cuisine is based on the traditional cooking methods of Egyptian culture. People in Egypt are fond of eating legumes and vegetables as high-quality crops are grown in abundance in Egypt’s Nile valley.

Egyptian Food History

The history of Egyptian cuisine is evident from Ancient Egypt when peasants were paid for their work in the form of bread, beer and onions. All these evidences are found after the excavation of Egyptian mummified bodies. In modern Egyptian cuisine, bread and onions are still prevailing as a part of food but beer disappeared due to Muslim culture in Egypt. Beans were also eaten in ancient Egypt as a part of protein meal and they are also present in modern Egyptian food. From centuries, food in Egypt is mainly vegan or vegetarian as meat has always been very expensive.

Typical Egyptian Food

Bread is one of the most common foods in Egypt and it was also prevalent in ancient times. In almost all meals of Egyptian cuisine, bread is included as a side dish. The local bread is usually hard and thick called as ‘Eish Masri or Eish Baladi. Bread is eaten with the popular Egyptian dip ‘hummus’ or it can also be used to wrap kebabs called ‘falafel’. Pita bread is the most commonly used bread in Egypt. It is gluten free and full of protein. Apart from bread, the Egyptian food also includes entrees, desserts and different kind of beverages. ‘Kushari’ is the national dish of Egypt made up of rice, lentils and macaroni. One dish that is considered as a treat in Egypt is pigeon stuffed with rice. In almost all Egyptian dishes, garlic and onions are widely used to give flavor since ancient times. Seafood is also well-liked in Egypt.

Popular Egyptian Dishes

Baba Ghannoug is one of the popular condiment made with chickpeas and eggplant. Kabab and kofta are also widely eaten in Egyptian cuisine. They are made up of minced meat. Shawerma, tehina, falafel, calamari and samak makley are some of the Egyptian dishes that are popular worldwide.