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Dziriat is an Algerian tart with almond filling, made following a lengthy recipe, and is a dish generally limited to special occasions. The Dziriat tart may be shaped by mold or by hands in different versions of the dish.

Ingredients Used and Popular Method of Preparation of Dziriat


Here are some of the commonly used ingredients in Dziriat-

Sugar syrup- It is made of white sugar, lemon juice, water and orange flower water.

Dough- For preparing dough, all purpose flour is used along with eggs, oil, salt, lemon juice and orange flower water.

Filling- It is made with almonds, eggs, sugar, vanilla powder, lemon, baking powder and orange flower water.

Method of Preparation:

Dough: All the ingredients are mixed together and kneaded into smooth dough.

Filling: For preparing the Dziriat filling, almonds are soaked in hot water for a couple of hours and then baked and grounded. They are mixed with the rest of the ingredients of the filling to prepare a smooth paste.

Sugar Syrup: This is prepared by boiling together equal quantities of sugar and water. Lemon juice is added when the water begins to boil and orange flower water is added at the final stage.

Once the dough, filling and sugar syrup are prepared, the dough is rolled out into thin circular forms, in which filling is placed, and the dough with filling is placed in molds or closed with hands. These are baked and then dipped into sugar syrup. Each tart is decorated with a pine nut, and the sugar syrup is drained.

Serving Dziriat

Dziriat is served as a dessert, usually on weddings and other special occasions.