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Djibouti food refers to the food items from the country of Djibouti. Djibouti is present on the eastern side of the African continent and it is officially known as the Republic of Djibouti. The country is known for its diversity and multifaceted cuisine. The cuisine of Djibouti is influenced from Arab, Somali and French cuisines. The food culture of Djibouti also incorporates the essence of some Asian sub cuisines. Interestingly, the nation is one of the biggest food importers in the world and food from this region is still being heavily promoted by its government to promote tourism.

Features of Djibouti Food
Fried meat (preferably lamb and goat), lentils, unleavened bread, and fishes are popularly used in food preparation throughout Djibouti. Ingredients like pomegranate juice, saffron, and cinnamon are widely used as flavoring agents. It is believed that these flavorings were introduced by the Arabs. Similarly, chapatti or traditional wheat bread enjoyed by the people of Djibouti were adopted from the Indian cuisine. Djiboutians mastered some food techniques like roasting and marinating from the Portuguese. Various food preparations are made involving vegetables, fruits and spices like peppers, maize, bananas, tomatoes and pineapples.

The Djiboutians also practice some unusual customs like buying their own animal and slaughtering them during feasts. Lamb is a popular meat which is involved in lots of dishes that are served during all the special holidays like Eid al-Adha.

Popular Djibouti Food Recipes

  • Skoudekharis: This is the national dish of Djibouti and it is prepared using lamb and rice. Skoudekharis is enjoyed on special occasions and at regular times too.

  • Ambabuur or cambaboor: This is a type of sweet, fried and sour pancake which is accompanied with a runny yogurt. The pancakes are eaten after dipping in the runny yogurt.

  • Garoobey: This is one of the staple dishes of Djibouti. The garoobey or oats porridge is prepared by soaking oats in milk and are flavored with cumin or cumin powder.

  • Subag: This is a type of butter which is enjoyed widely throughout Djibouti with same fervor and interest. This butter is prepared over charcoal and left in ground to ferment.

  • Injera: This is a unleavened bread which is served on all special occasions along with meat dishes.

There are many restaurants across Djibouti which serve authentic Djibouti food and cater to the demands of international travelers by serving global dishes.