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Chad food comes from a land in the African continent that is diverse in its culture; however, the various dishes are a reflection of this diversity which is interesting as well as delicious. Millet has been the main source of grain that is cooked in different ways. Fish is again a very popular food among the Chadians but so are chicken and salads. The cuisine of Chad is an integral part of the country’s culture and this can be seen in the various dishes served at the restaurants all over Chad.

History of Chad Cuisine

The history of food of Chad lay in its culture that is very integral to the way of life in Chad. In fact, being one of the poorest countries with almost negligent infrastructure and hardly any development, the people of Chad are largely dependent on the livestock and the local grains such as sorghum, millets, groundnuts, fruits and vegetables. Since most of the people are engaged in agricultural farming or livestock herding, the Chad food is majorly influenced by these factors.

Popular Dishes of Chad

There are many local dishes of Chad that are popular and these include a range of starters, salads, cakes and some wonderfully refreshing drinks. Some of these dishes are Chad Spicy Tuna Sub, Broiled Fish, Garlic Crusted Roughy with Goy Sauce, Chaddy’s Hot Pepper appetizers, Ginger Chadha’s Tandoori Turkey with Spicy Gravy and last but not the least Chad Chicken. Karkan and Jus de Fruit are the popular drinks of Chad. Another popular dish of this country is porridge made with set grain made from sorghum or millet flour. This dish is served with a sauce made from tomatoes, onions, meat, dried fish and certain spices.

Widely Used Ingredients of Chad Cuisine

The food of Chad mostly comprises of fish and chicken. These dishes are spiced and flavored with chilies, garlic, ginger and certain sauces such as goy sauce. Sorghum and millets are the staple grains of this country and groundnuts are used abundantly. Certain other grains such as maize, manioc, rice and sesame are also commonly used in Chad food. Bean spices and potatoes too are prominent ingredients.

Cooking Methods followed by Chadians

The cooking methods followed by Chadians mostly include broiling, cooking in a tandoor, roasting and sautéing.

Chadian Dishes Enjoyed by Tourists

Certain national dishes of Chad such as Peanut sauce over rice, Chili Bream, Roasted Chicken and the excellent Gala, a local beer are very popular with the tourists.

Trivia about Chad Dishes

Milk and milk products are not that common in the southern part of Chad. Though fish is an integral part of Chad food, it is not that common in the southern part of the country.