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Cameroonian food, which is highly diverse in nature due to its geographical location, refers to the cuisine of Cameroon, Africa. Cameroonian cuisine mainly revolves around starchy foods. However, peanut recipes, stew dishes and several cassava leaves are also popular in the region. A typical Cameroonian meal consists of starchy foods which are served with stew, vegetables or spicy sauces.

Historical and Regional Influence on Cameroonian Cuisine

The colonial history of Cameroon has had a great impact on the Cameroonian food. Colonial era brought in the flavors of French cuisine in the nation. Italian pasta and French bread were introduced by the French people in the region. However, these days such foods are not consumed in abundance due to high price tag.

Also, Cameroon food is influenced by the western cuisine and the cultural food of central West Africa, due to Cameroon being located just in the centre of Africa.

In spite of the impact of colonial history and geographical location on the food of Cameroon, the nation retains its traditional flavor.

Popular Foods of Cameroonian Cuisine

A few popular foods in Cameroon include the following:

  • One of the most popular types of Cameroonian food is 'ndole', which is the national dish of the region. It is stew which consists of nuts, bitter leaves and goat meat or fish.

  • Yam, cassava, plantain, rice, beans, maize, potatoes and millet are Cameroon’s staple foods.

  • Western, Indian, Chinese, and American dishes are also popular in few big places in Cameroon.

  • Sangah is also a popular Cameroonian food which is prepared by mixing together palmunt juice, cassava leaves and maize.

  • Fish is consumed in abundance in the region as compared to other forms of meat due to difference in cost. Meat based dishes are reserved only for special occasions. However, bush meat is consumed commonly, with giant rat, porcupine and pangolin being the most popular species in Cameroonian Cuisine.

  • Brochette is one of the Cameroon food specialties which refers to barbequed kebab prepared of beef, chicken or goat.

  • Various kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown on the fertile lands of Cameroon, thus increasing the importance of such foods in the region, where the most popular ones include bitterleaf, tomatoes, okra, garden egg and cassava leaves.