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Benin food is mostly chicken and fish based are highly famous in south Benin and pork and beef based in North Benin. Benin, which is a country located in West Africa, is divided into two regions, viz south Benin and north Benin, where the cuisine of both the areas differs from each other in some respects.

The country Benin is famous throughout Africa for interesting food and unusual ingredients, thus helping to provide distinct flavor and taste. Due to inexpensive meat in Benin, the cuisine is generally enriched with more of vegetable fat and less of meat.

Commonly Used Ingredients of Benin Cuisine

In southern part of Benin, corn is used extensively in preparation of dough which is usually served with tomato or peanut based sauces.

The highly popular ingredient of north Benin is yam, which is also served with tomato or peanut based sauces.

Cooking Methods Adopted In Cuisine of Benin

Frying method is usually the most preferred way of preparing meat based food items in Benin. Chicken is usually prepared in roasted manner. Fish is prepared by smoking method or is consumed fresh.

Popular Benin Foods

North Benin Food

  • Meats- pork and beef are the popular meat items in North Benin, which are cooked in sauces or fried in peanut oil or palm oil.

  • Fruits- oranges, avocados and mangoes are preferred largely in North Benin.

  • Vegetables- among vegetables, beans, rice, and couscous are fairly common. Cheese is used very commonly in preparation of several dishes in North China.

South Benin Foods

  • Meats- chicken and fish are the popular meat items in south Benin. However, goat, bush rat and beef are also preferred in some areas. Peanut oil or palm oil is normally used for frying the meat in south Benin.

  • Fruits- lots of fruits are available in South Benin, with bananas, oranges, mandarin pineapples, oranges, kiwi, peanuts, and avocado, being the prime specialties.

  • Vegetables- among vegetables, beans, tomatoes, rice, and couscous are the popular Benin food items in South.