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Angolan food is the food from Angola, the neighboring country of Mozambique in Africa. This coastal country cuisine is influenced greatly by the Portuguese cuisine, because of the long colonization of Angola by Portugal. Other than that, even Brazilian influence can be seen in most Angolan dishes, because of the Portuguese colonization of Brazil as well. Most of the spices and cooking methods have been imported from these countries. Seafood is very common in Angola.

History of Angolan Cuisine

The food of Angola comprises of local as well internationally influenced dishes. The history of this country’s cuisine as of today dates back to many years and has evolved over the years. In fact, the local cuisine is rarely distinguishable, because of the major Latin influence in the use of ingredients and preparation methods of the Angolan food.

Popular Dishes of Angola

Angola is known for certain dishes such as Calulu, which is prepared with dried fish or meat that is layered with fresh fish or meat, tomatoes, okra, onion and sweet potato leaves; Farofa, which is prepared by cooking manioc flour; Chicken Muamba, which is chicken cooked and seasoned with palm oil hash, etc.

Widely Used Ingredients in the Dishes of Angola

Angolans use a lot of seafood, especially shellfish, game meats, vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, okra, and sweet potatoes, and palm oil is the main cooking medium of this cuisine. Other than these, Angolan food also includes the use of dairy products, and vegetables such as cassava, sorghum and grains such as maize.

Cooking Methods Adopted in Angola

The cooking methods of Angola mostly include grilling, frying and steaming. The preparation methods and pots and pans used for cooking in Angola are influenced greatly by Portuguese ways of cooking and the utensils used in that country.

Angolan Dishes Popular with the Tourists

Angolan dishes such as Mufete de Cacuso (fish seasoned with lemon and pepper), Kakusso (cooked in palm oil and served with beans) and the traditional Angolan beers such as Cuca beer prepared from palm nut and Maize beer prepared from maize, are some popular dishes and alcoholic drinks other than palm wine, respectively.

Other Cuisines that Influence Angolan Cuisine

Food of Angola is greatly influenced by cuisines of Portugal, Brazil, Indian, Middle Eastern and other Asian countries, especially in the capital city of Luanda and other tourist spots of the country.


It is unsafe to drink tap water in Angola as there are no water treatment plants here; hence it is advisable to drink only bottled mineral water along with Angolan food.